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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  February 12, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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another day and more remains. we will tell you about the items searchers unearthed today in a well in san joaquin county. good evening i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. it is music's biggest night as musicians pay tribute to the
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late whitney houston there was somber. >> ♪ singer jennifer hudson sang the dolly parton song that houston made into a hit. we'll have a live report from the grammy reports in los angeles in about 15 minutes. in other news tonight, a convicted killer on death row told investigators there might be as many as 10 slims in a century old well. and that just may prove to be true. for a second day now investigators were back digging at the site and today they unearthed more human remains. maureen naylor live now near the town of lindon to tell us what was found today. >> reporter: after the rain
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moved in, crews moved out. but we met with the investigator who revealed that many items were found. this after a day of gruesome discovery around a 45 feet hole. >> small piles of dirt and you can see bones sticking out of them. it's a horrendous scene. >> reporter: today crews sifted through the dirt looking for any evidence that may have left here linking deaths to shermantine and herzog. >> there was a pair of women's shoes and a pair of women's sneakers with socks and bones
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coming out of them. >> reporter: several pairs of women's shoes have been found. >> so far we have found several bones today. different sizes as well as human teeth. >> reporter: the evidence sorted on tables also includes pieces of skulls, a woman's purse and a woman's ring with initials on it. the investigator showed us handwritten letters with shermantine. >> he gives pretty explicit directions. chevy's body layed 6 feet on this side of the oak tree. >> reporter: tonight it is not clear how many victims remains have been found. investigators are going to be counting on the items found. reporting live, maureen naylor,
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ktvu news. more details now on this case and authorities say shermantine and herzog killed several people between 1994 and 1999. the pair was first arrested in 99. shermantine received death. last month herzog committed suicide. thursday and friday of last week searchers found two sets of human remains in calav era s county believed to be two of the serial killers victims. more remains were found yesterday and today in san joaquin county. winter weather has returned to the bay area. mark tamayo is tracking where it's raining right now. >> the scattered rainfalls developing late this afternoon into the evening hours, not everybody picking up the downpours but still quick downpours kicking into the bay
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area. here is a look at rain totals over the last 48 hours. the latest right now on live storm tracker 2, you can see not a lot to show you but scattered showers. as we shift the map you will see the shades of green corresponding to light to moderate cells right around san carlos, redwood city and more action on the other side of the bay as well. closer to the fremont area. we will continue to go to the south as you can see not a lot of coverage right here expect down to the south of morgan hill. right around gilroy this activity scooting to the south and to the east. coming up, we will highlight shower chances as we do head into your monday. solano county sheriff deputies was shot after he
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tried to grab the firearm of a deputy. -- deputies shot a man after he tried to grab the firearm of a deputy. the deputies say he lunged for the gun. albert had felony arrest warrants. vallejo police are expected to give me details tomorrow about a stand off friday that ultimately led to a house fire. authorities are still searching for the six armed robbery suspects believed to have been hold up in that home. officers fired tear gas into the house but say the men got away. they also insist they did not start that fire. the highway patrol is investigating a deadly accident after a car flipped in concord. just before 4:00 p.m. the car rolled over the wall of the highway 245 northbound connector to highway 4. it fell on to southbound 242 below. the driver was thrown from the
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vehicle and killed. he was later pulled from underbeneath the vehicle. traffic was backed up in the area due to lane closures and emergency vehicles. no word yet on the identity of the victim. san francisco bus shuttles are in place on a muni line overnight. crews are installing a new track swift system between 35th and 36th avenue. buses are shuttling people between 22nd avenue and the zoo. the work began at 4:30 this morning and is expected to continue until 4:30 tomorrow morning. construction on the bay bridge may cause problems for the upcoming president's day weekend. crews are scheduled to shut down the upper deck of the bridge heading into san francisco. they'll work on the new eastern span. the closure is set to start this friday at 8:00 p.m. and last through the morning of tuesday february 21st. b.a.r.t. is offering round the clock service during the closure. there will also be extra ferry service to help people get into the city. the catholic church isn't
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satisfied with white house changes over birth control coverage. ktvu's patti lee tells us, the archdiocese says the new rules set to appease the church still are going against freedom of religion. >> the catholic communities have pressed vigorously this past week for reversal -- >> reporter: president obama announced that church run schools and hospitals will not have to cover birth control. but that the insurance will have to. the allowance makes little difference and besides it misses the point. >> he basically didn't hit the
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main issue which was religious freedom. >> reporter: the administration must go back to defining church and school as religious. the catholic health association a trade group that represents catholic hospitals has said it is satisfied with the revised rules. parishners say because the rules are changes they needed time to read the letter. >> stood our ground and little victories. >> reporter: in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. a greek parliament approved austerity measures. before the vote chaos erupted on the streets of athens as protesters angry clashed with police. dozens were injured. police used tear gas on the protesters outside the greek
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parliament building. the greek prime minister, lucas popandevo said if the daley would have failed, it would have been chaos. the u.s. stock exchange has been effected for weeks now by fears of instability in europe and greece in particular. some analysts predict a volatile week coming up on wall street as investors either face skepticism. tomorrow the united nations general assembly is scheduled to discuss syria. and today they're calling for an arab peace mission. observers say the proposal for a joint peace keeping operation is unlikely to bring swift
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results. damascus immediately rejected the idea. at least one american senator thinks it is time for the united states to intervene. >> i would say it's time to give weapons to the syrian freedom fighters against assad. the fact is, that the russians and the iranians are arming assad. it's not a fair fight now. today al-qaida leader weary backs the syrian uprising in a video message telling the opposition not to rely on western or arab countries for support. 1,800 people have died in syria since march. >> in a ktvu special report. a look at the battle for oakland city hall that has caused a split in that city. we'll have more on the passing of whitney houston. the tribute tonight from her peers as well as when
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nothing seems to come easy to the city of oakland. even the movement to recall the embattled major has split into two groups now fighting each other as well as city hall. and behind the drama is the battle for power, money and the future of a city that just can't seem to get out of its own way. ktvu's frank somerville has tonight's special report. >> reporter: this is sue
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graham, she's the wife of a pg & e worker, the mother of two teenaged kids and a once proud resident of oakland. graham still lives in oakland but after her encounter with mayor jean quan, her pride in the city is lessened. >> i looked down the aisle and there was the mayor of oakland. i thought about it and i walked right up to her and said, i don't think you're doing a good job. her response was, i raised my children here, i think they are perfectly fine. and if you don't like it, move. >> wow, wow, that's great. >> reporter: cory cook is a 12 year oakland resident. until last month when he and his young family did move. >> part of it is a frustration of where we are in oakland. >> reporter: jean quan declined to comment about this story but
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she is not without her supporters. >> i didn't split, they split. >> reporter: gene hazard is a well known political activists in oakland he rejects a second -- >> harlan who now operating the oakland food pantry declares he will not run for mayor. he also says hazard's petition is flawed and could be vulnerable to a reelection for quan. >> he said don't worry about it, i have it under control. you just do what i tell you to do. >> reporter: one issue is that money will be a key to a campaign. $30,000 to get a measure on the november ballot. >> i think we're more than half way there. >> reporter: where's the money coming from? perhaps from people like jerry
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rogers, he's the former owner of oakland's most loved businesses. drey er's ice cream. insiders say he can be quick to raise any money. >> i feel sorry for jean quan. i didn't support her in the election, i supported don perrata. i think don would have been a stronger mayor. but i think she's been ineffective. >> reporter: the deyer circumstance oakland finds áeupls in will probably be easy to raise money for a recall campaign. but finding a qualified candidate to run for office is a problem. will he run for his seat? >> roger is a has been. my schedule is full. >> reporter: most student observers who say the campaign to successfully dethrown quan, a shiny institute candidate
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something lightning arnold schwarzenegger and day type. so we contacted don perrata. >> not that i can't help these people it's just that i don't want to -- so we contacted -- >> mountain view city council could have a feisty meeting on its hands this valentine's day. the council gave preliminary approval last month for a smoking ban that includes outdoor patio at bars and restaurants. a second vote on the ban is expected this tuesday. smoking advocates say they will be there in full force and will bring a petition opposing the ban signed by more than a dozen people. they say the ban will deny smokers the same comforts as nonsmockers. a spokesman for the
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sheriff's office says search teams locateed the body of 66- year-old angelo lucito yesterday afternoon. he was found near the intersection of interstate 80 and cummings highway. his search teams had been looked for lucido for the last four weeks. an autopsy is set for tomorrow. back down to the sudden death of singing sensation whitney houston and the toll it is taking on her family. today houston's daughter 18- year-old bobbi kristina brown was taken to the hospital reportedly for anxiety. she was staying at the same hotel where her mother was found dead yesterday afternoon. bobbi kristina is whitney houston's only child with ex- husband bobby brown. it is usually a festive occasion celebrating the music industry's top talent. but today the death of whitney houston has cast a shadow on the grammy awards.
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sandra endo is live. >> reporter: ken, there's still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the death of whitney houston at 48 years old. but what is clear is her impact on the music industry. much of the music industry is still coming to terming with saturday's sudden news that whitney houston is dead. >> it's going to be a sad, sad celebration tonight. and if there was no whitney, there would be no jennifer hudson, no cristina, no alicia keys, no beyonce. >> instead of spending our whole time grading, i feel all the artists and industry people will be celebrating what a great artist she was. and she would want that. >> reporter: hours before she was supposed to attend a pregrammy bash hosted by her mentor clive davis, a bodyguard
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found her body. an autopsy on houston's body was conducted sunday. >> whitney was full of life. >> that could take up to six to eight weeks. houston's much publicized struggle with drugs and her tumultuous marriage made the tabloids. despite the bad times, houston is being remembered as one of the greatest voices of our times. >> those closest to houston say she was planning a come back. she had a roll on an upcoming movie. but her life was cut short. while the community remembers houston. there's still no word on
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arrange ments for a funeral for houston. coming up at about 10:30, we will tell you about a bay area musician that collaborated with houston. the national park service announced this weekend. it plans to replace an inscription on the memorial. with the full quote from the civil rights leader. the abbreviated quote did not accurately reflect king's word. but both the president of the memorial project foundation and architect are against the change. saying it will threaten the integrity of the monument. we'll take you to a display against a disease in san francisco. something you would not necessarily expect to find at an airport, find out where these guys came from and where they were headed. i'm
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[ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. the large sections of cloth that helped the bay area and ultimately the rest of the nation cope with the aids epidemic are back home tonight. christien kafton tells us how the aids quilt has changed and grown. >> reporter: as each section of the aids quilt was unfolded volunteers volunteers read the names of those who died from the disease. daniel goldstein read hundreds of names today. hiv positive himself the quilt is a growing reminder of loved ones the disease has claimed. >> i've lost lots of friends
11:55 pm
from the 80s. there's very few friends that remain from that time. >> reporter: nearly 200 names were unfolded section by section. >> this is the largest display since 1995. and it's in the castro about a block from where the quilt started. it's very much a homecoming. >> reporter: those living with hiv aids say the quilt is a reminder of those lost, it's also a call for action. >> they need more education out there. they need people to understand that because there aren't drugs to suppress the disease does not mean there are drugs out there to stop this disease. >> reporter: organizers want the public to come out and see this quilt. it will be on display until next monday. admission is free. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. in news of the world tonight in venezuela picked a
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candidate for the first time to run against hugo chavez. president chavez has dismissed all the candidates as representatives of u.s. imperialism who would dismantle his socialist reform. and just an amazing story from kosovo, rescuers cheering as a 5-year-old girl was pulled from debris after her house was completely destroyed in a massive avalanche. the girl was buried under 30 feet of snow. while she is expected to survive, the avalanche killed nine members of her family including her parents. the brutally cold weather in europe has killed hundreds of people over the past two months. heavy snows blankets 10s of thousands trapped without power. in italy after two weeks of delays underwater pumping operations began today to off
11:57 pm
load 500,000-gallons of fuel remaining on the contra costa concordia. ever since the concordia ran aground, there have been fearing that fuel could contaminate near by water ways which is part of a protected sanctuary for dolphin, whales and porpoises. officials say they found 80 live turtles stuck in a cardboard box. the turtles were wrapped around bandages that kept them warm and allowed them to breathe. behind the icon, a local grammy award winning producer, his picture, his
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those who worked with superstar whitney houston are remembering her special talent. unique qualities that one of her former producers doubts will ever be matched. jade hernandez sat down with a san rafael song writer. she joins us now live in san francisco where there was a rush in houston's music, jade. >> reporter: that's right we're live at ameba music where her music sold out today. her former producer told us whitney houston's talent will always be untouchable: her mic stands alone. an sm7 able to pick up the
12:01 am
sweetest whisper, the only mic for whitney houston. >> we know the queen of soul. so we always give honor to the queen. but if aretha is the queen, whitney is the princess. >> waldon collaborated with both. >> reporter: waldon's collaborations with houston extends through three albums. >> the song one moment in time is phenomenal. >> reporter: he respected the music world the songstress came from. ultimately it may have all been too much for her. >> it's almost undoable how much is expected of our superstars. it's almost undoable. so from that standpoint it would have been nice had she
12:02 am
had a chance to take a breath along the way. >> reporter: inside ameba music in san francisco one fan snagged a vinyl copy of work waldon produced with whitney houston. >> there was one left. >> reporter: the superstar turned actress was the only artist to have 700 hits. >> i will cherish this because i remember having this when i was little. playing it all the time and dancing to it. >> reporter: whitney told walden on her first album, if they loved me once, they will love me again. glee is expected to pay tribute to houston on valentine's day. a new episode airing at 8:00 p.m. will include a cover of houston's classic ballad i will always love you. the decision was made before the singer died but there are
12:03 am
reports the show's producers will make the episode an official tribute by adding a memorial to the beginning or end of the episode. we have continuing tributes for whitney on air and online. singer adele was rolling in the awards this evening. >> ♪ the 23-year-old british singer took home six grammy awards including best song of the year for this one, rolling in the deep. she also won best album of the year for her album 21. other winners included chris brown for the best r & b album, fame folk pop song bonn iver won for best new artist. the best country album went to lady antebelum. and best wrap album went to kanye west. americans are expected to spoil their sweethearts with more gifts on this valentine's
12:04 am
day. according to a survey from the national retail federation. americans are expected to spend an average of $126 to celebrate the holiday. that's the highest in the survey's 10 year history. we asked some bay area residents what they were planning to spend this year. >> how much would be the max you are willing to spend on the gift? >> probably about 100 or so. >> i would say any where from like $100 to $150. >> probably a couple of $100 each. shoppers are expected to spend 100% more compared to last year. by the way a valentine day reminder from pg & e, please do not let those metallic or mylar balloons professing love go free. mylar balloons can snack and disrupt electricity. if you buy balloon, keep them
12:05 am
indoors -- my, will ar balloons can snag and disrupt electricity. prices on gas are much higher here in the bay area. san francisco is $3.87 in oakland $3.82. and in san jose $3.81. today presidential hopeful rick santorum snagged off a third straight win in maine reframes it as an unexpected win. santorum went on to attack mitt romney. romney characterized santorum as a washington insider. santorum dismissed that criticism saying desperate people do desperate things. a new satellite study showing a steady rise in the
12:06 am
sea level expect for last year. the study showed that icecaps and glaciers lost 150-tons of ice and the ocean gained .8 of a millimeter each year. but last year the ocean went down .2 of an inch. they say the overall picture is one of a rise in the sea level. >> so what this paints is a picture of sea level rise that looks like a hockey stick. it's pretty stable for several thousand years, and then at the end it goes up. and that is us. some scientists are estimating that in places like south florida, the associations can rise 2 feet in the next 50 years. tiger versus phil. a show down between two of the world's best golfers. see how higher summed up his performance coming up a little later in sports wrap. we
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we finally have a chance to talk about a few showers for tonight. this is not a major deal but still a bit of a change in the weather pattern. right now the maps i can show you this on live tracker 2. the cloud cover with most of this in the scattered variety but still some rain showers increasing in coverage. closing in on pacifica, ocean beach and golden gate park. we also shift to the mountains out to the east. you can see the coverage here approaching livermore and right around the fremont area as we do coming in a bit tighter right around milpitas. we scoot the maps out to the south. finally a little more coverage showing up in parts of the
12:10 am
south bay. the largest shades of green do correspond to moderate downpours. still rain showers in the short term. and still a fairly good chance. mostly scattered in nation first thing tomorrow morning for your monday morning. overnight lows definitely want to bundle up, readings in the upper 30s and low 40s. livermore in the low 40s light around 41 degrees. this look at the weather system responsible for today's light to moderate activity. even reports of a few pourless. for your monday the main system moves out to the south and to the east but they are still a bit of instability and as a result we have to hold on to the chance of a showers. that could be a mix of showers and stability again. you might see plenty of white
12:11 am
caps out there in the pacific with winds increasing out of the west and northwest. we do have reports of snow right now blue canyon and winter weather advisory kicks in at midnight lasting for the west slopes of the sierra. snowfall will be on the order of five to 10-inches. and snow levels pretty good system. so they are coming back to below 6,000 feet. not a will the of coverage out here. but still some clouds, breaking in the clouds and off and on showers out there. pretty much the same story through the afternoon hours. some development in the north bay. and by late in the afternoon we could have a little more activity in the south bay. by this time tomorrow night, clearing clouds and cold temperatures. mainly in the 50s. not a big warm up. san francisco right around 55 degrees. san jose in the upper 50s and gilroy at 59. here is your look ahead.
12:12 am
tuesday we go cloudy skies. we'll hold on to just a slight chance. partly cloudy skies into thursday. we'll thicken up cloud cover into friday. there's another rain cloud into saturday. still reflecting a chance of a shower and mostly cloudy skies on sunday. heather and ken i'm so conditioned this time of year to talk about a series of strong storms. i want to say it just don't have the material just yet. just a few weak rain systems coming in. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed. thanks, mark. we hear from tiger woods after he implodes on the final day of th look! here she comes! ♪ she'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes... ♪ ♪ when she comes. ♪ it'll be spinning new chrome wheels when it comes. ♪ ♪ when it comes. ♪ custom spoiler, race grade pistons, ♪ ♪ gt35 turbo charger. ♪ and they'll all know that it's kevin's awesome car. ♪ bought em!
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good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. this could have been the biggest day in the golfing career of cal product charlie wi. wi had a lead and played one group behind phil mickelson who put together one of his best final 18s ever. wi in the same course where he won the state amateur 22 years ago. it got bad for wi missing a putt. just like that his lead was down to one. mickelson and tiger woods playing together for the tenth time. mickelson wasted no time making up ground. he made up eight strokes and was in front by two. tiger made a bogey at sixth. falling five strokes back. tiger rallied from a bad t shot
12:16 am
from the bunker. he holds up for birdie. mickelson had a long shot. mickelson put an end to that thought. this is to save putt that finds the cup and keeps the momentum on mickelson's side. then at take a look at this approach. mickelson makes it easy for himself at the green after shots like this. after making the birdie putt he was in front by three. áeut then became a battle for second place. stockton's ricky barnes on the difficult par 14. always a problem, not for barnes. barnes finished all alone in third place. after his terrible start wi turned it around coming in. he birdied 16 and did the same in 17th and 18th. wi finished in a par 72 that
12:17 am
owned him sole possession of second place. by the time mickelson came to 18th he could take time to saver the moment. - - savor the moment. he also put it in style at 18th placing it right where his wife was waiting. and when you have it going. make it a 64th for the day. mickelson becomes the ninth player in pga history to win 40 tournaments or more and the 10 final round pairings with tiger, mickelson had brought his best outscoring him six times. >> i don't believe anybody has benefited more than what he's done for the game than myself so i'm appreciative. i feel very inspired when i play with him. it feels great to win this tournament. it feels great because it's a special place for me. pebble beach, my grandfather having caddies here and it's a national treasure. it means a lot to me because i haven't played last year the
12:18 am
way i would like to. and i felt like my game was so close heading into the season and yet my scores didn't reflect how i felt i was playing and to put it together this week and especially the find round with this round just feels terrific. and it gives me a lot of confidence but also inspires me because i believe now even more so that what i'm doing is correct and that i'm able to play some of my best golf. >> here's what the final leader looked like. the 64 puts mickelson 17 under par for the tournament. it's barnes in third, baddeley in fourth. tiger was a distant nine strokes back that left him tied for 15th. >> as good as i felt in the greens yesterday is as bad as i felt today. i could not get comfortable where i could see my lines. i couldn't get the putter to swing. i just could not get
12:19 am
comfortable. i miss a ton of short puts today. i missed everything. the warriors trying to creep their way back to the 500 mark with the first of three straight games at home tonight. monte ellis gets some inspiration from his young son to fake against the houston rockets. how about this two man game. clay thompson getting more comfortable by the game. thompson with the three as he went for 14 off the bench. lee contributed 15. but lee there to hit the offensive boards and clean up. and how about curry tonight? he was good for 14 a very a acrobatic move here. within four games of .500 and getting better. >> houston is a good rebounding team. that's one of the strengths of their team and they play very hard on the back board.
12:20 am
that's another category we did a bad job in the first half and picked up in the second half. if our team is going to win we have to take care of the ball. we have to rebound the baas káet basketball and get back in transition. if we do those three things we'll be fine. kobe bryant against toronto. the lakers take it the other way, kobe assists to the artist formally known as ron artest. calderon to the hoop with 16 second left. that's more than enough time for kobe. pretty good defense but he still rises above for a shot that is all net. that with four seconds left. the lakers win 94-92. the lakers in second place in the pa pacific division
12:21 am
against the clippers. the sharks went on the road for nine games. here's the kind of passion you want to see for the game on any level. it wasn't a good formula for san jose in this one. the sharks found themselves on the short end of the a 5-3. alex winds up and threads the needle on niemi for the first score. the sharks down two men again. nieme was game but just too much traffic. perry punches one through. and the blues make it 19 straight home games with at least a point as they win 3-0. the sharks now in third place by just a point. an nhl record tonight for nicholas linstrom who played in his 150th game for the same team. wings and fliers, great passing
12:22 am
for detroit. 4-3 the final as detroit equals a league record with his 20th straight win. detroit has the league's best record with 78 points. lots more to come on this late sunday night sports wrap. first place cal was an [ male announcer ] for some reason those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. fantastic! pro-gresso ] they fit! okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less.
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i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. try something funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t. the stanford basketball team playing in the drags of the pack 12 tonight. kevin o'neil trying to get theuz team to -- trying to get his team to avoid the sweep. the trojans cut off owens down low so he chases randall. scored all 16 of his points in the second half.
12:26 am
stanford got the lead but the trojans pulled it back to two. stanford answered right back, next time down. aaron wright passes to owens whether jams down twoover his 15 points. the cardinals continue to kick it in in the second half. randall followed up with consecutive threes. stanford the winner 59-47. the cal bears very interested in this game. the husky's makes a hoop. they had enough to win down the stretch. ross will pull up for two. ross led the huskies with 21. and a 10-3 in the pac13. the stanford women and their usual spot this time of
12:27 am
year comfortably in second place and continuing their streak. at maple ucla like so many teams with no answer for the agumaque sisters. here in the first half, stanford was in front by five at the break. second half now, shene sets up her big sister for two morere. shane added 19 even when you foul her she will still get it done. bruins coach close left without an answer. how do i stop them? what's more for shanae here stanford wins 82-69. here come those numbers, the cardinal 22-1 over all. 13 in the pac12. and 70th in a row against conference. that will do it for another late sunday night sports wrap. have a good week everybody. >> thanks joe. >> that's our report for tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time
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